Speech 4

Mikio Okamura’s speech in Nagasaki on 9 Aug 2017

Source Japanese

Title: I consider how the Japan First Party should fight from now on

Hallo, everyone. I am Mikio Okamura, the chief of Tokyo Headquarters of the Japan First Party. Nice to meet you. Allow me to sit and speak.

I went to Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum this morning. It was the first time in my sixty-year-old life to visit there, though I had been to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum twice. I could not stop crying. This is too cruel. This is a holocaust. This is the large-scale slaughter of Japanese by Americans. I can say so to anyone. I am mortified. We must absolutely prevent our nation from having such an absurd thing again.

I actually came to Nagasaki from Hiroshima yesterday, and a good thing happened. I suddenly decided to make a speech here because I wondered if I should go to Nagasaki. After all I decided to go there and reserved a room at a hotel on the internet. It was so hard to make reservation and I was about to give up on going to Nagasaki. The only room available was a gorgeous one for loving couples, whose bath was wonderful enough to astonish me. I had such a bath for the first time in my sixty-year-old life.

I arrived in Nagasaki a little behind schedule about noon yesterday. I wore a suit because ANA Crowne Plaza Hiroshima, the hotel I stayed at the day before yesterday, was in an upper-middle class and I could not walk the hotel, wearing sandals and T-shirt. Sweating heavily, I went to Gunkanjima, went back to the station, and went to the hotel by a taxi from Chuo Taxi, though I am sorry to tell my audience its company’s name. Its driver was a very good man. I could not remember the hotel’s name first because it was a hotel for loving couples. After the taxi started to run, he said, “Did you come here for some movement about nuclear weapons?” I said, “That’s about it.” I may have given him some false impression because I wore a suit. I think that he mistook me for a left winger. He said, “While I do not know your view on nuclear weapons, I really want Japan to have them because we are mortified to be burned off us and our cities by atomic bombs in 1945.” I was seriously astonished. Nagasaki is full of left wingers and I suppose that he ventured to say. I said, “Me, too. I came here in order to hear a speech of our political party’s leader. He will claim tomorrow that Japan should have nuclear weapons and defend itself.” Then we clicked together and we were talking together even after we arrived at the hotel. We clicked together and we were talking together about for ten minutes even after I had opened the hotel’s door and its bell had sounded. Then the stuff came over to us, saying, “Are you quarreling? Are there any inconveniences?” I said, “No we aren’t. We clicked together and we were talking together with joy now.” Such a thing happened. I had him tell me his phone number and handed over my business card to him in order to keep in contact from now on. He told me that he would come here if he had time today. I told him that it would be impossible to enter here without reservation. Well, It is seemed that he does not come here after all. He said, “I knew ‘Japan First Party’ for the first time. I will search it on the internet and spread it through my family and relatives. Nice to meet you.” I was very glad to meet him. Such a thing happened.

Now, the title of my speech is “I consider how the Japan First Party should fight from now on”. While I must consider it from the viewpoint of a short-term, medium-term or long-term, first of all, I want to return to an origin of the Japan First Party as the chief of Tokyo Headquarters and spread its name through the nation. That taxi driver told me that he had known it for the first time. Browsing the internet, I had thought that many people would know the Japan First Party but the number of advocates would be small, but in reality many people do not know it. We must spread its name by steady activities, for example, posting and speeches in front of stations.

Secondly, we must not lose sight of the aim. As our leader say, we should not only perform political activities and spread our party’s name, but also must increase the number of members of local assemblies. We must increase our party’s political influence in local cities first, and then frankly speaking, we reality want to take power within ten years. When we were speaking about our aim in front of stations, we were laugh up at by passers-by. Young people burst into a laugh, saying, “What on earth are you thinking?” It does not matter whether they burst into a laugh or not. We are usually saying in front of stations, “We truly want to take power.” We are serious because our audience is all ordinary people. We will surely take power. We are correct. We should spread our political attitude.

Finally, our step must not end by taking power. When we take power, we must decide that we will work out policies for the Japanese and continue to keep them. Please look at the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan and Komeito. I have trusted them before, but they have gradually strayed from the path of right after all. They have been dragged into the people around them and money. What on earth will they do after all? They are unreasonable. The Japan First Party will not stray from the path of right, whatever happens. We had better confirm it. We should join forces and follow the path of right.

Now, members of the opposite party, Chukaku-Ha, were speaking also near Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, holding placards. They are unreasonable. While citizens of Nagasaki want to pray calmly, members of Chukaku-Ha were crying out, saying, “Abe, resign prime minister!”, “War crimes”. They are enemies. They are nothing but enemies, as everyone knows well.

When we were speaking in front of a station, members of the Article 9 Association came near us. While the number of members of our party was a dozen, that of members of their party was about three hundred. They came over after us and interfered with us. They interfered with us, by standing before us passing out leaflets, and we yielded a step. They still interfered with us, by standing before us again, and cried out, saying, “Everyone, Japan First Party is a far-right political party. It is interfering with Article 9 Association.” I was completely disgusted to see their behavior. This is reality.

The same thing happened in the previous Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Election. Members of the Japan First Party were kicked, pushed down, and injured. Fuji TV, Yahoo! News, was shooting for them, but its report said that there had been a skirmish between groups that were opposed to the Democratic Party. The scene we were attacked in Hachioji, where our leader had come over, too, was blurred, and looked like a skirmish. I was astonished. I happened to appear on a video on the Internet, or a TV program, a Japan Pirate TV program, and complained about it, showing the data. The Japan Pirate TV broadcasted it, but some of the audience commented to me, “Various circumstances are involved in elections.” What on earth are “various circumstances”? Am I mistaken in saying about correct thing that it is correct? The Japan First Party still has been seen with a bias in the world. I want to sweep away this bias at any cost. We should join forces and realize it.

As I usually say, your feelings reach me in political meeting like this. We are comrades. Your feelings are thoroughly conveyed to me in any place. Nice to meet you. I have a thing to say to you. You must perceive enemies as the enemy. Nations pointing nuclear warheads at Japan are enemy ones. Though language is strong, all of you must perceive it. You cannot protect your nation by half measures. At least, you must get them stop pointing nuclear warheads at Japan. Otherwise Japan cannot keep friendly relationship with them. You should thoroughly perceive it.

The Japan First Party writes policies about national defense clearly. They are realizing atomic armament and setting up nuclear shelters in cities. Both of them are important. When I am speaking about this, people sometimes laugh scornfully, saying “that’s fantasy”. I do not think so. Japan can arm itself with nuclear weapons. It will not need many weapons. In my private opinion, it will not need hundreds or thousands of weapons like China or America. It should be pointing several nuclear warheads from several places in Japan at North Korea, China, and Russia in order to reject their unreasonable demands. That will be enough to defend Japan. That is the first aim. That is the start point. Japan is certainly the nation that was dropped atomic bombs on, and people will have various ideas about nuclear weapons, but strength always prevails in international society. If Japan could not reject unreasonable demands, it could not defend itself. You will agree about this. I just want to tell you this today.

I am sorry for telling you my private interest, but as I have said before, I want you to access the Japanese Communist Party’s site by all means. As I wrote on twitter, too, Chairman Kazuo Shii’s paper is published on 13 Apr there. The number of characters is about 2500, and we can read it easily. I want you to read it by all means. I was astonished. Its title is “America should not adopt strategic policy. It should keep safe, by talking with North Korea,” I think, though it may be mistaken a little. Its contents are astonishing. He criticizes various things, for example, President Trump and Prime Minister Abe, and ends his paper by saying, “Abe should do this. Trump should do this.” It is like a small child hides behind the wall and criticizes people. This is the Japanese Communist Party. Everyone, please read it by all means.

We should clear such an organization, and spread “Japan First”, “Nippon-Daiichi”. As I usually say, “Japan First” is not anti-foreign attitude. Foreigners who pay respect to present Japan and join forces with Japanese on studying Japanese history are comrades. We should make the wonderful future of Japan with such a comrade. I will end my simple speech here.