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Makoto Sakurai’s speech in the Tokyo gubernatorial election in front of the Sugamo Station Front Exit on 29 July 2016

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I have just been given an introduction. I am Makoto Sakurai, running for the Tokyo gubernatorial election.

It is hard for me to speak under this blazing sun, and it will be hard for everyone to hear my speech, too, but please spare a little time and listen to my speech. Then if you made way a little, you would be helpful. I am sorry. It is very crowded, and I am sorry, but if you made way a little, you would be very helpful. Thank you.

Well, now, Mr. Murata spoke about the problem of comfort women. I have spoken about this problem many times so far, too. In contrast, whatever did the Japanese government do? As you know, it concluded absurd agreements with the South Korean government about this problem on December 28 last year, and Prime Minister Abe bowed to South Korea, by saying “we apologize to you”. After that, what happened in South Korea? Did this problem ended yet? That can’t be true. Even if the South Korean government says nothing, South Koreans are brazing up harder, aren’t they? Whatever were those agreements to us?

The problem of the contribution of one billion yen is very important, too, but the most serious problem is that Prime Minister Abe apologized to South Korea.

The reason why you exist here now is that your grandfathers or great-grandfathers once existed or exist now, and they have been insulted by the word “sexual slavery in the Japanese Military during the World War II: comfort women”, which was created by combining “sexual slavery” and “comfort women”, and which labels them as rapists or killers.

Can you permit such a thing?

If there was enough evidence to say “this is a rapist” or “this is a killer”. I could see a little, but in fact, any strong evidence showing existence called “sexual slavery in the Japanese Military during the World War II: comfort women” does not exist.

For example, a comfort woman who first gave evidence was Kim Hak-Sun. This comfort woman said at first, “I worked as a prostitute, because I was sold off by my parents,” and yet she said last, “I was taken away by Japanese military men and forced to become a comfort woman.”

Another comfort woman who was influenced by Kim Hak-Sun and gave evidence next was Mun Ok-Chu. This comfort woman earned 26,145 yen only for about two years, which is worth from eighty million to one hundred million yen in today’s money. She insisted that she had deposited it in her postal account but lost her passbook, and brought a suit for seeking the return of her deposit against the Japanese government.

As you know, however, according to the former Postal Savings Act, whether there is a passbook or not, when a postal account is left dormant for twenty years, its deposit will expire, and the money that was deposited will be paid the public purse. Accordingly, this suit of Mun Ok-Chu was rejected last. At this trial, when asked how she had earn such a lot of money as from eighty million to one hundred million yen, she deposed that she had earned the money by working as a comfort woman for about two years.

Is this a “sex slave”? Can a sex slave earn one hundred million yen only for two years? Please make me a sex slave. If that was true, I would become a sex slave without reserve.

This cannot be a sex slave. Everyone, you agree with me, don’t you? On common sense, that can’t be true.

Moreover, I Yeong-Su, an old bird, gave evidence recently. This comfort woman, I Young-Su, said that she had been taken away by Japanese military men in 1944. Once again, she said that she had been taken away by Japanese military men in 1944 and forced to become a sex slave in Taiwan. Then when asked when she had returned to Korea, she answered that she had returned to Korea in 1947. Well, the war had ended in 1945. Whatever had she been doing for two years after that?

Furthermore, a comfort woman, Kim Bok-Dong, gave evidence recently. She said that she had been really dishonored by Japanese military men. When asked when she had been dishonored, she answered that she had been done during the Korean War.

Everyone, on common sense, you cannot but laugh at evidence from them, can you? All evidence from comfort women is such one, and yet some Japanese support them, that is, such lying comfort women, in Japan. How the left-wing, the Japanese left-wing explain that reason? They say, “Halmonis,” ”halmoni” means an old woman, “Halmonis are too old to have a good memory, and such a memory loss cannot be helped,” they say.

Comfort women have been insulting our grandfather or great-grandfathers by such uncertain evidence.

These acts naturally correspond to Crimes of False Complaints. In Japan, they are naturally charged with the commission of false complaints, and yet over ten comfort women are still living in the institution for lying old women called House of Sharing.

Accordingly, the agreements concluded between Japan and South Korea about the problem of comfort women have a problem. “Sexual slavery in the Japanese Military during the World War II: comfort women” is fiction. The Prime Minister of Japan apologized for this fiction, which everyone laughed at now. Can you permit such a thing?

You cannot naturally permit it. The reason is that your grandfather or great-grandfathers are insulted by being called “Rapist!” or “Killer!” The basis of existence called “sexual slavery in the Japanese Military during the World War II: comfort women” is only such evidence as I told you about now. Any strong evidence does not exist. Comfort women, nevertheless, object that Japan hides evidence.

Please remember a Japanese trial. In a Japanese trial, though it is not only in a Japanese trial, a burden of proof basically lies with a plaintiff, as in a suit for seeking for the damages. Though a plaintiff must prove a criminal act of a defendant, if I compare the opposition by comfort women to a trial, it follows that the defendant does not recognize the plaintiff’s claim and hides evidence and the plaintiff has no evidence but in its memory, ”sex slavery” existed.

Such an absurd thing is actually tolerated now, and the prime minister of our nation apologized.

That is not all. He not only apologized, but also concluded the agreement that the Japanese government would pay one billion yen to the fiction “sexual slavery in the Japanese Military during the World War II: comfort women” fund, established in South Korea yesterday. These are not written agreements, of course, but oral ones. All the agreements concluded this time were oral ones, and they included the agreement that the South Korean government would remove that prostitute statue South Koreans had built as they had liked in front of the Embassy of Japan in Seoul, the agreement which was concluded in exchange for the agreement that the Japanese government would pay one billion yen, and yet this agreement was broken. The statue of the fiction “sexual slavery in the Japanese Military during the World War II: comfort women”, that is, the prostitute statue, still has not been removed from the front of the Embassy of Japan in Seoul.

On the contrary, such prostitute statues were built more and more in South Korea, and after all, a huge prostitute statue was built. That is a great big statue, which is as high as about ten meters. It seems to be built of balloon. Koreans are such nonsense people as do a concert in front of the statue.

It is no use no matter how many times we conclude agreements with such people. Everyone, you have already known such a thing, haven’t you? The Japanese government, nevertheless, concluded the agreement with the Korean government that it would pay ten billion yen.

Though the comfort women problem is not the one of whether to pay money or not, the Japanese government concluded the agreement that it would pay one billion yen to the South Korean government, which would not keep agreements, and the agreement that neither the Japanese government nor the South Korean government would take up the comfort women problem as an international one from now on, and yet the South Korean government’s conclusion is the one that the government will have no concern whether South Koreans take up this comfort women problem or not, where context, the Japanese government must not pay even a penny to the absurd, dishonest nation.

I criticize the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, but do not one-sidedly criticize it with no basis. When you see what the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan does, you will know. It is not a conservative at all. The conservatives have a duty to protect their ancestors, in whom their grandfathers or great-grandfather are included. They have a mission to protect the honor of their ancestors even if it costs their life. the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan does not do it. Shinzo Abe does not do it. Please remember this.

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan is the Center Left. This Center Left, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, recommends Candidate Masuda, Candidate Hiroya Masuda this time. Komeito recommends him, too. On the other hand, Candidate Yuriko Koike is the number one now. She is the number one candidate who the mass media like that television camera recommend. Now, for the remaining few days, taking a video of my speech with a television camera will not help matters. If they produced “Three-hour TV special for Makoto Sakurai”, I would be glad, of course. Then I would keep on speaking for three hours, but in reality, even if they take a video of my speech now and put it on air, biased coverage of the mass media will not change.

In addition, there are various problems with Candidate Yuriko Koike, who I took up some time ago. She is saying that she will fight against the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, isn’t she? That is a lie. She still has not secede from the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. If serious, she should say, “I will secede from the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, following which I will fight against it,” but does not say it.

Moreover, I heard, though this is a rumor, that the women’s division of some religious organization, or “S”ka Gakkai, advertised Yuriko Koike. People say that some people from the women’s division of “S”ka Gakkai came to their house and advertised by saying “please give your vote to Yuriko Koike”.

In brief, this is nothing but the farce performed by the Center Left, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, and the Left pushing human rights, Komeito.

On the other hand, some people say, “Why did you take up this problem now? It does not matter to the government of Tokyo.” I hear such a voice. I often speak to everyone on the platform in this way, and fools call my office for the purpose of saying “what you are saying does not matter to the government of Tokyo”. If they say such a thing, they should say the same thing to some other candidates, too. A certain candidate is saying that he will smash up NHK. He is only saying it. Another candidate, an old bird, is happy to say “10 degrees, 20 degrees, 30 degrees!” I want to ask him by all means whatever of that smile matters to the government of Tokyo.

The reason why I am speaking about the comfort women problem, however, is that children are taught about this problem now in Japan, as Mr. Murata said some time ago, though this was stopped in some areas. They are taught that Japan once did cruel things to South Koreans, and as one of the cruel things, the comfort women problem is taught at school. This problem does not appear in school textbooks, and yet teachers of the Japan Teachers’ Union are teaching it at school by using supplementary teaching materials, which are not school textbooks.

The Japan Teachers’ Union, which pushes children masochistic education like this, must be done away with absolutely.

If I become governor of Tokyo, I will absolutely do away with the Japan Teachers’ Union. I pledge to accomplish this at all costs.

The reason is that it does not matter whether acts of the Japan Teachers’ Union are legal ones or not but I dislike the Japan Teachers’ Union. I strongly dislike those people. The education essentially must not be biased, though I think that there is certainly such various thought as the right-wing or the left-wing. If teachers teach without bias on as neutral ground as possible, I can see a little, but the center right-wing, or nationalism is better. Some people may have a bad impression of nationalism, but nationalism, wholesome nationalism is necessary for any nation or any citizen.

It is natural that teachers teach the spirit of loving our own nation in the field of education. We essentially do not have to say expressly such a thing as “Hoist Hinomaru,” or “Sing Kimigayo properly.” It is natural that we respect the national flag and the national anthem of our nation, isn’t it?

Some adults cannot do the natural things. They not only cannot do the natural things, but also become teachers of school and say to children, “Tear Hinomaru up and throw it away,” or “You must not sing the national anthem,” and do not teach Kimigayo. Such a thing is tolerated in the present education of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. This is wrong, and I must reform the education of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, though this does not be included in my seven pledges.

Some people say that a politician or politics should not intervene in the education. Then agents for the Left must not take part in the education.

The agent for the Left, the Japan Teachers’ Union, has been taking part in the present education of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and it is natural that a politician or a governor of Tokyo will absolutely do away with this organization. Everyone, you should think so, too, shouldn’t you? No matter how I consider, any part of what I am saying is a natural thing as I am usually saying, and yet the reason why I must speak in a vehement tone about the natural thing with a microphone in this way is that the natural thing unfortunately is not realized in Japan now.

Your children, or grandchildren are taught masochistic education in the education of Japan. If you do not believe me, please read the textbook of history education by which your children are taught by all means. Everyone, you know Admiral of the Fleet Heihachiro Togo, don’t you? He does not appear in the present school textbooks. You are surprised, aren’t you? Instead, a Korean woman, Ryu Gwan-Sun appears in it. Do you know Ryu Gwan-Sun? You do not know her, do you? She is a woman arrested on the March First Movement, which is referred as “movement” by Koreans but actually is a riot. While investigated, she hit her own head by herself against the wall or the desk, throw chairs, or did other absurd things, and died after all. She is merely such a woman. Such a woman is introduced as Korea’s “Joan of Arc” in Korea now, though I do not know the reason. It is taught now in Japan. This is not a lie. Please read the history textbook of your children once. Such an education is actually provided without your knowledge. I am really disappointed.

Against this background, I stood for the Tokyo gubernatorial election this time, and I am speaking to everyone about the educational administration of Tokyo. In addition, I have made various seven pledges, of course, for example, the abolition of the foreigners’ public assistance, reducing overstayers by half within four-year term of a governor of Tokyo, the taxation on Mindan and Chosen Soren, the regulation of pachinko parlors, and the abolition of the Korean school. These pledges are written in a handout we are passing out to everyone, and please read it by all means.

Now, last but not least, a television camera has come for coverage for the first time. I have already made a speech for sixteen days, and a television camera has come for coverage for the first time, though TBS came for coverage only on July 14 that is the first day of the run-up to this election. Whatever are the mass media doing now? They are covering only the three candidates, Masuzoe, sorry, Candidate Koike, Candidate Masuda, and Candidate Torigoe. It is said that the percentage of the broadcasting time covering the only three candidates is ninety five percent or more in the private TV stations and fifty eight percent in NHK though twenty one people in total are running for this election. On the other hand, they treat the other eighteen candidates including me as waste.

Only five percent! Whatever can I do only for the remaining five percent? I cannot win this election in such a situation. Many citizens of Tokyo believe that candidates of the Tokyo gubernatorial election are only the three people. This is the fact, and they do not have an opportunity to hear an opinion or a speech of the other eighteen candidates.

You should basically give them the opportunity, TV Asahi.

Well, I do not intend here just now to blame TV Asahi or the Asahi Shimbun for providing us with absurd information, that is, that lie of Seiji Yoshida, about the comfort women problem, but no matter how I consider, the mass media are wrong about this matter of this election.

At this rate, Candidate Koike will win this election. It is certain. In that case, she will be naturally called governor of Tokyo elected by biased coverage of the mass media. This is unhappy for Candidate Koike, too. You think so, don’t you? If the mass media treated all candidates equally and all candidates started to run for this election from the same starting line, and as a result, Candidate Koike was elected, she could say with confidence that she would be governor of Tokyo who at least citizens of Tokyo would have elected even if all citizens would not be willing. If one of these three candidates were elected as governor of Tokyo in this election, it would follow that citizens of Tokyo would not have elected but the mass media would have elected him or her.

Well, I am running for this election in the context of understanding this biased coverage from the beginning. We will not lose this biased coverage. Whatever happens, we cannot lose it.

(Good Luck!) Thank you. I have made a speech in front of the Sugamo Station Front Exit in this way today. Finally let me say one more thing. Everyone, please go to vote. I said this in the speech I made at Nicofarre yesterday, too. The number of people who do not go to vote is too large. Eighty percent of people in their twenties or thirties, or sixty percent of all citizens of Tokyo did not go to vote in the former election. In contrast, the voting rate in this Tokyo gubernatorial election is one point seven times as high as that of the former one at this time in early voting, which takes place today, too, because my speech may have promoted voting.

(Applause) Thank you. Tomorrow is the last day in this election. Voting takes place until eight p.m. tomorrow. I want you to vote for the candidate you trust by all means.

Today, I have made a speech in front of the Sugamo Station Front Exit. Thank you very much for coming here and hearing my speech quietly.