Speech 2

Makoto Sakurai’s speech in the Tokyo gubernatorial election in front of the Kinshicho Station South Exit on 28 July 2016

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I have just been given an introduction. I am Makoto Sakurai, running for the Tokyo gubernatorial election.

Well, I am gradually becoming hoarse, and it is hard to speak, but a large number of people have gathered here in front of the Kinshicho Station South Exit. I cannot lose in this election.

Someone said some time ago that people who I had been fighting against were South Koreans, North Koreans, and Chinese people, but the people who I have been fighting the hardest against are you. I am fighting against you. The reason why Japan has become like this is that you do not go to vote, and I am warning you strongly in a place like this.

If this voice is unpleasant, please leave here without reserve and vote for some other candidate, of course, but if you think that what I say is right, please listen to me until the end and consider whether it is right or wrong. Fools often say, “That candidate said this in a place like this, and can be trusted”, and vote for the candidate, but it is not right.

As someone said some time ago, Candidate Yuriko Koike made a speech in front of the Shin-Koiwa Station South Exit today. In fact, I had announced four days in advance that I would make a speech from sixteen o’clock in front of the Shin-Koiwa Station South Exit, and yet she crashed her speech into mine at the same place and time. This cannot be accidental. I was picked a quarrel with by her, and I accepted her challenge.

Well, she often says, “I will not admit ten million immigrants, but will accept high skilled personnel.” Candidate Koike uses sophistry of such a childish trick. At Shin-Koiwa Station, I was standing in front of her eyes, and I said to her, “If you want to speak about the immigration problem, go up on this platform,” and then according to the report that entered some time ago, Candidate Koike completely ignored the immigration problem, and she did not explain it to everyone at all.

This is an existing politician. Existing politicians tell everyone the truth or the falsehood, or rather mostly the falsehood, and give everyone pledges they cannot keep. It has become clear at Shin-Koiwa Station.

Candidate Koike makes such a stupid pledge as changing Tokyo into “Animeland”, which does not matter to everyone, though I will get scolded if I say such a thing. Can we still call her a conservative? This is wrong, isn’t it? It is impossible to change the whole Tokyo into Animeland, whoever and however considers. Above all, above all, she does not show financial resources.

Well, not only Candidate Koike, but also Candidate Masuda does not do it. You have heard his remark that he would increase welfare services, haven’t you? Well, though he says that he will increase welfare services, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has provided them since before for elderly men and elderly women, some of whom are here, too, for example, ”silver pass”, which is available in Toei bus, one of which has stopped there. He insists that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government provide more welfare services. Whatever are financial resources? Don’t you wonder about them?

Considering financial resources, I am saying that we must reconsider problems of welfare services from now on. I took “welfare pass”, or “silver pass”, for example just now. This should be done away with.


The reason is that Soka Gakkai promoted this. That cult Soka Gakkai offers to give the pass to everyone, or elderly men and elderly women, which is usable any number of times for bus when you pay one thousand or two thousand yen a month, and which was free before probably but now which costs one thousand or two thousand yen, and then Soka Gakkai, Komeito, advertises itself by saying, “We provided welfare services for elderly men and elderly women like this. Everyone, please give us your vote.” At this rate, welfare services will eat away the taxes we will pay on and on, and as a result, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will run up debts.

Against this background, I speak definitely. I will stop providing welfare services for elderly men and elderly women. If I become governor of Tokyo, I will review welfare services for the elderly thoroughly.

Ojiichan (elderly men), Obaachan (elderly women), I am really sorry. I am sorry for you but the Tokyo Metropolitan Government does not have too much money. The annual budget of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is thirteen trillion yen. Now, our nation certainly does not get grants of local allocation tax, sorry, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government does not get grants of local allocation tax, but at this rate, it will run up debts one of these days. It will become unable to manage the economy successfully, and become to have to receive grants of local allocation tax from the government, and then you will run up debts more and more in the times when you are living. In conclusion, this is nothing but charging your child, grandchild, and great-grandchild with the burden. The idea that it does not matter whether our posterity have a hard time or not is not a Japanese one. I will review welfare services for the elderly thoroughly to prevent our posterity from bearing the burden as I said some time ago.

It may be a hard thing for everyone, or rather elderly men and elderly women, but I want you to endure it just a little, and not only elderly people but also young people should endure it. When each endures it a little, margins will accrue and become financial resources.

I said in the speech I made at Shin-Koiwa Station today that I would first of all do away with the foreigners’ public assistance for securing financial resources. Well, I said to everyone some time ago that the mass media did not come for coverage at all, but actually, some people from TV Asahi came to Shin-Koiwa Station for coverage somehow. They said to me, “Candidate Sakurai, what do you want to do first of all?” I have been saying the same thing in all places where I make a speech. What I want to do is to keep certainly those seven pledges, seven pledges, and when I become governor of Tokyo, the first order to the staff is that to close the window for the foreigners’ public assistance. If I close the window, forty billion yen in the taxes you paid will come back to you at that time. Conversely, forty billion yen a year is spent by foreigners now. Now, two hundred twenty thousand households are receiving public assistance in our nation, sorry, in Tokyo, and among them, more than twelve thousand two hundred households are foreigners’ ones. More than twelve thousand two hundred foreigners’ households are receiving public assistance.

How do you think of this thing? It is wrong, isn’t it?

This is wrong, and I am saying that I will do away with the foreigners’ public assistance. The governor of Tokyo has an exclusive right to do away with this, and if I say that I will do away with this, or if I become governor of Tokyo and decide that I should do away with this, the supply of this will be stopped since that day.

I said, of course, the same thing at Shin-Koiwa Station some time ago, too. Some of my audience say, “Whatever is the point of treating foreigners so coolly? If they cannot make a living in Japan, we should provide public assistance for their living.” There should be such people here too.

It, however, says clearly in the immigration control law of our nation, that is, Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, ”Any foreign national who cannot make a living shall be denied permission to land in Japan.” In accordance with this law, in accordance with this law, I am merely saying that foreigners who cannot make a living in Japan should return to their home country by all means.

Fools refer such a remark as hate speech or racism speech. Well, in accordance with the law, according to the law, foreigners who cannot make a living in Japan are warned to get out at once, and if some people protest against this warning by saying that it is racism, they must amend the law.

If what the left-wing are saying was right, the present immigration control law of Japan would be a hate law, won’t it? You think so, don’t you? Without saying a word about it, when we speak out on the immigration problem, they say, “Stop the hate speech,” or “Stop the racism.” Whenever we try to change Japan or Tokyo, we are pressured from various people like this. They pressure us by saying “stop the racism,” or “stop the hate speech”. Without bowing to the pressure, I have persevered for ten years. Mr. Seto and Mr. Murata have been instrumental, too. This man who has perserverd for ten years cannot bow to threats from Uchida, who belongs to the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, and who is an old bird looking like a man in yakuza.

Well, today, I will not speak about problems of the public assistance. I have spoken about them at Shin-Koiwa Station some time ago. Well, here is Kinshicho Station, and I will be unable to sheer away from this topic. As Mr. Suzuki said some time ago, Kinshicho has changed very much.

An entertainment district in the backside of that Marui’s building has become the base of operations for the Russian Mafia. Everyone in the staff of the Honjo Police Station, you know this matter, don’t you? Though you know it, you ignore it. I am the only one saying that it must be mended.

(Sakurai, you are a man’s man!) Thank you. More than a decade ago, the governor of Tokyo was an old bird, Ishihara. This old bird, Ishihara, dying now, did what is unnecessary. He conducted the strategy of sweeping yakuza away from Kabukicho. In brief, he said, ”Chase yakuza away all from the entertainment district!”, and had really done it. As a result, what happened? Kabukicho certainly became a wonderful entertainment district where there were no yakuza for a moment, but soon after that, the Chinese Mafia and the Russian Mafia entered there, and began to struggle against each other.

The Russian Mafia shoot the Tokarev, and the Chinese Mafia wield the Green Dragon. How can we beat them in this condition? At that time, Japanese policemen only had the New Nambu. Even if they shoot it, opponents do not die. In contrast, the Tokarev can blow human head with a single shot.

After all, the Japanese police, that is, the Shinjuku Police Station, had become unable to do anything against such opponents, and Kabukicho had been ruled over by the Russian Mafia and the Chinese Mafia for ten years.

Ten years later, the administrative side finally realized the fact that they cannot disconnect an entertainment district from syndicates of darkness, to be frank, yakuza, of course, though no connection is the best.

Now, Kabukicho have become a district Yamaguchi-gumi, Inagawa-kai, or some other various yakuza syndicates rule over.

Then I ask you. Where are the Chinese Mafia and the Russian Mafia? Did they go away? Did they return to their home country?

They cannot do such a thing. They cannot do such a thing, and more than four hundred of the Chinese Mafia, the number of which was announced by the Metropolitan Police Department, moved to the place where Yuriko Koike locates her election office now, and they were based in the Chinese produce outlet, Yokojo, and still have ruled over Ikebukuro. Now, the district around the Ikebukuro Station West Exit has become where women cannot walk alone in the night. On the other hand, the Russian Mafia, the Russian Mafia escaped here into Kinshicho, that is, the entertainment district in the backside of that Marui’s building.

I am saying against this background, “Chase the Chinese Mafia and the Russian Mafia away! “, even if the other candidates do not say anything about this matter. Well, today, a large number of people have come here. Just around the place where everyone is standing, I had set up a protest seven or eight years ago by saying, “Chase the Russian Mafia away!” with Mr. Arikado, who went up on this platform some time ago, and some other people. I mean, a large number of Russians had already crowded into Kinshicho seven or eight years ago, and they still have done mafia activities there and ruled over the entertainment district.

The police authority primarily should have stepped into this situation. This town is a dangerous one. Someone said some time ago that Kinshicho was his or her hometown. I say against this background, “When the Russian Mafia are there, around the Kinshicho Station South Exit, and when many Japanese are threatened by the Russian Mafia, does everyone keep silent? A guy keeping silent is not a Japanese!”

A large number of people are listening to me now. You will understand what I am saying now, won’t you? Foreigners, Foreigners rule over a certain district of Japan, and do mafia activities. This is an extremely absurd thing. Against this background, I have made pledges. They are seven pledges. If you have a handout, please see it well again. The term of a governor of Tokyo is four years, and I have pledged everyone to reduce overstayers by half within four years.

The governor is the top of local public service officers. In brief, the governor of Tokyo is the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. The top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is not the Superintendent General. In fact, That is governor of Tokyo, and if the governor of Tokyo have a strong will, there is no need to be afraid of foreign mafias.

Come to think of it, the population of Tokyo is twelve million. In contrast, as I said some time ago, the number of the Chinese Mafia around the Ikebukuro Station East Exit is four hundred or more, and that of Russian Mafia is about the same, too. However I consider, if we fight against them, we certainly will win. It is natural.

The governors of Tokyo so far, the governors of Tokyo so far just did not have a will to fight against foreigners. In contrast, I speak to everyone. I will fight against foreigners, or foreign mafias who commit crimes one after another in Japan.

Not only I but also you must fight against them. Local residents often protest in chorus, for example, by saying, “Yamaguchi-gumi, get out!”, but I do not have ever seen residents of Kinshicho protesting by saying, “Russian Mafia, get out!” Probably, some of them are here, too, and first of all, you should set up a protest by all means. First of all, local residents should set up a protest. If foreigners, or the Russian Mafia are acting violently, the local residents should set up a protest by saying, “Chase the Russian Mafia away!”

Keeping the peace, keeping the peace of Tokyo is one of the duties assigned to the governor of Tokyo, too. As I said some time ago, the governors of Tokyo so far have not done the duty. Well, I am disappointed. I am really disappointed.

You know Candidate Masuzoe, sorry, Tokyo Governor Masuzoe, or Former Tokyo Governor Masuzoe, don’t you? What did he do? He went to Korea, Russia, the U.K., France, and German under the pretense of the inspection of the Olympics, and wasted three hundred million yen in the taxes everyone paid. In particular, he wasted thirty million yen or fifty million yen only for one night stay in Korea that is our neighboring country. He wasted forty million yen or fifty million yen. Whatever did he waste fifty million yen on?

(Don’t make a fool of us!) Well, I really want to say to him, too, “Don’t make a fool of us!” This is the evidence that Japanese, or rather, to be frank, all of citizens of Tokyo are made a fool of by him.

On the other hand, various people have served as governor of Tokyo before him. The governor of Tokyo before Mr. Masuzoe was Mr. Inose, and that before Mr. Inose was Mr. Ishihara, and people say that, for example, the former governor of Tokyo, Ishihara, that old bird, who refers himself as a conservative, would come to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office only once a week and spend his days off on, for instance, taking a south islands cruise.

Moreover, you remember Mr.Aoshima, don’t you? He was ”Granny Mischief”. Being governor of Tokyo, Mr. Aoshima left the seal of the governor of Tokyo in the lieutenant governor, and scarcely worked.

In brief, if the governor of Tokyo decides, it is possible to do various things. As I said some time ago, it is possible to stop the foreigners’ public assistance, too. It is possible to chase foreign mafias away from a town like this, too. It is possible even to reject the construction of the Korean school and to stop it. It is possible to do anything.

With regard to the government of Tokyo, Uh, please wait a moment because an ambulance is running through.

(I love you!) Thank you. Uh, I am glad with your feeling, but I would rather take a declaration of love from a young woman than a man.

Well, though a governor of Tokyo can do a lot of things to protect citizens of Tokyo from foreigners by exercising its authority, the governors of Tokyo so far did not do them at all. Even Ishihara, that old bird, came to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office only once a week, or only once in two weeks. Still, could they work as governors of Tokyo? They could do so far.

I am different from them. I am aiming at the governor of Tokyo seriously. I am seizing the governor of Tokyo.

Now, I certainly have put up a hard fight. There are two days left for the Tokyo gubernatorial election. This election will end tomorrow or on the day after tomorrow. Your decision, or your judgment, on this time is all. The mass media push the three candidates, only the three candidates, on you.

Actually, twenty one candidates are running for the Tokyo gubernatorial election. Many people do not know it. Though twenty one candidates are running for the election, saying “I will become governor of Tokyo” or “I am aiming at the governor of Tokyo”, the mass media repeat biased coverage and do not cover the candidates other than the only three ones. Now, the private TV stations except NHK are spending ninety five percent of broadcasting time covering the only three candidates, and treat the other eighteen ones as waste. Only five percent of broadcasting time is spent covering them.

How can I win in this situation?

I have made a speech many times in this way, but this voice does not reach the twenty million citizens of Tokyo. At this rate, as I said some time ago, the most popular candidate, Ms. Koike, will become governor of Tokyo.

Whether she will win or not, I am usually saying to you, “Go to vote!” Many people say to themselves, “Even if I do not go to vote, Koike will win, or Masuda will win, and I do not have to go to vote.” The number of them is five million. If these five million people spare ten or twenty minutes for vote, and go to vote on July 31, on this voting day, the government of Tokyo will change. I will change it.

I have been saying to everyone that this fight is that for spinning dream. The present situation certainly is hard as I said some time ago. I told you about the need for securing financial resources, and then I said that we should tackle various problems after we secure financial resources, but these things are impossible to be realized if I do not become governor of Tokyo. Now, I told everyone about what I would do when I became governor of Tokyo. If this speech, this appeal, is on your mind, please consider it once more. Please consider it once more and go to vote by all means.

Young people in their twenties or thirties particularly do not go to vote. It snowed heavily on the voting day, Feb 9, in the previous election when Mr. Masuzoe became governor of Tokyo. Certainly, roads froze and snow fell. They would had felt it silly to go to vote in this condition. As a result, what happened? Hundreds of millions of yen, or three hundred million yen in the taxes you paid had been wasted in foreign countries, hadn’t it?

The ratio of people in their twenties or thirties who went to vote in the previous election was only two in ten. Eight in ten did not go to vote. This is the present state of the election carried out for electing the top of the capital in our nation.

Young people of eighteen years old or nineteen years old, of course, increase, or rather have the right to vote from now on. The total number of them is said to be about two hundred thousand. It is between two hundred thousand and three hundred thousand. Most of them are said to go to vote and cast a vote for exercising the right to vote they were given for the first time.

In contrast, people in their twenties or thirties may say to themselves, “The Sunday has come at last when I relieve my fatigue caused by jobs. It is no use going to vote and wasting my time there,” but this is the election carried out for deciding the government of Tokyo for four years, whether you are willing or not.

I have been usually saying, “If some people say that they do not like my speech or that I do not have no elegance, they do not have to vote for me. Whoever wants to get such a vote?” but you must go to vote. Going to vote and casting a vote are the first steps that changes the future of Japan or the government of Tokyo.

Well, today, I have made a speech in front of the Kinshicho Station South Exit. Thank you very much for hearing quietly until the end.