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Makoto Sakurai’s speech in the Tokyo gubernatorial election in front of the Omori Station East Exit on 21 July 2016

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I have just be given an introduction. I am Makoto Sakurai, running for the Tokyo gubernatorial election.

As this speaker said some time ago, no celebrities and no experts go up on this platform and make a speech. In contrast, the three candidates the mass media push now certainly have various people go up on the platform, and make a speech only for last three minutes. They otherwise could not go around ten places a day.

Now, everyone has come here somehow. In spite of this rain, you have come here somehow, and a large number of people are here. Have you come here to hear a speech only for from one to two minutes?

That can’t be true.

Their speeches are only from one to two minutes long. The Candidate Torigoe’s speech is said to be only forty seconds long. Whatever will they tell you in such a short time? In addition, it is said that Shinichi Mori came and sang a song. I also will not lose to anyone at singing.

Now, I am speaking to everyone with a microphone in this way here. The reason is that I want to tell you in various way about the government of Tokyo, or rather, not only the government of Tokyo but also the government of Japan. I am the same as you. I have what I want you to hear by all means, too, and now, I grasp a megaphone, or rather a microphone, and I am speaking to you in this way.

It may be a little noisy for people who go to Omori Station now, but will not take you as long as for from one to two hours. It will take you only for from ten to twenty minutes long, and if you do not mind, please stop walking for a while and hear my speech.

Actually, I have a single report that I want to give to everyone today.

What is that?

Today, for the first time, some people from mass media companies have come for coverage. They are there. Are you from German mass media companies? They are German journalists.

Everyone, do you see what I mean? A week has already passed since the Tokyo gubernatorial election began, and yet no one visits the eighteen candidates including me apart from those three ones for coverage. No one collects data on us.

Though I do not especially intend to ask them to come for coverage, this is too bad, isn’t it? They look down on us too much. Even if I do not rely on the mass media from the beginning, while they declare Free Elections and Press Freedom, they cover only the three candidates, and treat the other eighteen ones as waste and dirt. The fair election is impossible to realize in this situation.

A large number of people, nevertheless, have gathered here, in front of Omori Station, today. Even if the mass media do not cover me, a large number of people come to hear my speech. Please prevent yourselves from being deceived by the Japanese mass media. It is a question whether only the three candidates the mass media push are really right or you listen to voices of the other eighteen ones and vote for the one who you consider is the most right among them. The journalists have come for coverage all the way from Germany today, and I want to tell you about the migrant crisis of Germany.

As everyone knows, the group violence of assaulting women incidents, or the group rape incidents, happened in Cologne on December 31 last year. These were the doings of migrants who had entered Germany. The number of suspects was one thousand. One thousand! One thousand guys thoroughly assaulted any women who happened to be around, whether they were old women or small children.

Everyone, can you accept such a terrible tale?

There is no one who can accept it.

Accepting migrants means such a thing. Migrants are not usually fools who go from rich countries to poor countries. They are just the opposite. They always go from poor countries to rich countries. Accordingly, in the case of Europe, they migrate from such Muslim aria as the northeast of Syria to the Eurozone. In this situation, German Chancellor Merkel, that old bird who is anxious to destroy Germany, announced that migrants and refugees were welcomed, and as a result, a large number of migrants have come to crowd into Germany.

If the German Chancellor insisted on acceptance of migrants and only Germany suffered, no one would complain, but in the Eurozone, if they do not go along such many countries as Greece and Austria, they cannot reach Germany.

In this situation, migrants first crowded all at once into Greece. This confused Greece very much. As everyone remembers, a referendum on whether to accept the terms of an international bailout was held, and it was rejected after all. Greece still has been in a very hard condition. If millions of migrants crowd into such a place, whatever will happen? Even a child can see it.

Greece was confused very much, and then the migrants moved along from Greece into Hungary or Austria. This looks just like locust plague that often happens in the American continent. A huge swarm of locust attacks fields, and when they eat away all crops there, they move to next. Just such a thing has happened.

Japan should not make such a failure as this tragedy in EU, in Europe. Japan should not repeat it.

In the case of Japan, refugees or immigrants who will come over to Japan are basically Chinese people and Koreans, especially, Koreans.

The condition of North Korea is getting worse now. If a large number of people come over to Japan as refugees from North Korea, the question is whether the Japanese government can really deal with them. I fully understand that I should basically speak here about the governor of Tokyo, or rather the government of Tokyo, but this question involves the government of Tokyo deeply as the question of the Japanese government, and this is a very close question to the government of Tokyo. If millions of refugees come over to Japan from North Korea, Tokyo also cannot help accepting from several hundred thousand to several million refugees from North Korea after all.

Can you really accept them? Everyone, can you really accept refugees from North Korea?

You cannot do such a thing.

They are different in words, history, and culture. No matter how they resemble Japanese in looks, they are foreigners. The foreigners come over to Japan. The foreigners come over to the Eurozone. The consequences have already come out in EU. We must not accept migrants or refugees.

Whether we accept migrants or refugees or not, there is essentially no reason why we are criticized. The nation that should be criticized the most severely is Syria, producing migrants and refugees. It is natural to denounce Syrian President Assad thoroughly, isn’t it? Nevertheless, nevertheless, no one, no one, does it.

I said some time ago. In the case of Japan, what will happen?

Chinese people, Koreans, and the other many people called refugees will go toward Japan. We cannot accept them just in silence.

Japan is a nation that has a single race.

Japan is the only nation among G7, Group of Seven, or Group of Twenty that has a single race, as far as it is known now. Japan has weaved history of eternal 2,700 years by a single race.

Whenever I say this, fools say such a stupid thing as “Japan has Ryukyuan people, too,” or ”Japan has Ainu people, too,” but according to the conclusion that University of the Ryukyus reached last year and two years ago, as a result of generic tests of Ryukyuan people, Japanese people, and Chinese people, there was no difference between Ryukyuan people and Japanese people, but there was extremely much difference between Chinese people and Ryukyuan people. After all, Ryukyuan people and Japanese people proved to be the same race. As everyone remembers, until quite recently, we had be taught in school textbooks that Ainu people and Ryukyuan people were the same race and Japanese mainland people only were different. According to this theory, if Ryukyuan people and Japanese people are the same race, Ainu people are naturally the Japanese people. After all, our nation has weaved history of 2,700 years by a single race.

Into such a nation, into such a nation, someone is trying to put a large number of foreigners. This is the immigration problem. Moreover, fools are trying to accept not only refugees, but also ten million or thirty million immigrants. This is nothing but ruining Japan, ruining Japan.

Any people trying to accept immigrants are not conservatives at all.

It is natural. A nation exists for its citizens. Protecting them is the first obligation assigned to a nation.

The present Japanese government, the present Japanese government, nevertheless, propagandizes the human rights of foreigners and some other rights of foreigners rather than protects its own citizens. This is wrong, however I consider. This is wrong, whoever and however considers, and yet unfortunately, I am the only one among twenty one candidates running for the Tokyo gubernatorial election, the only one saying with the slogan, “Nippon Daiichi” or “Japan First” that the Japanese government should protect the Japanese human rights and the Japanese national interests against various problems our nation has.

You should not have a weak will forever. Any reasons are not necessary at all. We cannot save all people, no matter how they are pitiful. You should not act on a feeling, and I say to everyone,

“Have a strong will!”

The Japanese is the only people who protect this nation, no matter how nationalism are blamed and criticized. At this rate, this nation will be eaten away by immigrants and refugees one of these days. It has already started to be eaten away, hasn’t it? Don’t you think so? Public assistance, public assistance is received by foreigners, and pensions are received by them, too. The taxes that each of you worked desperately and paid to the government of Tokyo and the Japanese government, the taxes are wasted by foreigners in various form.

Such a thing should not be permitted. Never permit it!

Whatever happens, I will secure the interests of Japanese citizens and the interests of citizens of Tokyo. Benefits of foreigners, or rather the foreigners are secondary or tertiary. I do not say that I do not welcome foreigners at all. Now, more than ten million foreigners visit Japan. I welcome them. Every Japanese welcomes foreigners with a smile who come to Japan, spend money in Japan, play in Japan, and return, but I cannot possibly accept such a situation as foreigners receive money from the social security of our nation and waste it, and instead, Japanese hang themselves at this moment now because they cannot receive pensions or public assistance. I cannot possibly permit it.

I said to everyone that we should secure the national interests of Japan or the public interests of Tokyo. If foreigners are hearing me, I want you to consider by all means why you are disliked and criticized here.

When criticized, Korean residents of Japan often say that it is hate speech, but the reason why they are criticized is that they have done so many times such a thing as disliked in Japan or disliked by Japanese. An incident, for instance, happened in Kyoto. The victim of this incident was a girl of thirteen or fourteen years old. Someone injected the stimulant into this female junior high school student of thirteen or fourteen years old, and raped her. The criminals of this incident were men of Mindan. They were South Koreans. Did Mindan say at that time, “We would like to apologize”? Did it say, “We are terribly sorry that the fellow countrymen acted such an unnatural crime”?

Moreover, North Koreans abducted Ms. Megumi Yokota who was the same female junior high school student of thirteen or fourteen years old as the girl injected the stimulant. This abduction is an incident that happened some decades ago. About this incident, “We would like to apologize,” or “We are sorry that we caused the abduction. We will change the Anti-Japan education so as not to cause such an incident again. We will change the Anti-Japan posture,” have Koreans said to everyone?

They have never said such a thing.

We are angry with such an attitude of them.

There are too many Japanese who suffer from crimes of South Koreans, North Koreans, or Chinese people without any sin. While standing on the platform and speaking to everyone, I am holding the voices of such silent people on my shoulders. The mass media should basically cover them. They should report these brutal crimes of South Koreans, North Koreans, or Chinese people to everyone, but do not do it at all. I am speaking for the voices of pain and sorrow of the silent people.

Though today’s this speech, the speech I am making here in front of Omori Station today, does not basically have relation to the governor of Tokyo, every Japanese should have the same mind, and a large number of people have gathered here.

Please consider well once again when you come home. A nation that is kind to foreigners like this is a hard one for Japanese in which to live. Every nation, every nation is the same. “Multicultural Coexistence” that puts foreigners who are different in tradition, history, and culture into every nation, is sure to fail. It has completely failed. It is not only Germany.

Please prevent yourselves from being deceived by such a word as “Multicultural Coexistence”.

On July 31, on this voting day, though early voting takes place of course now, on this time, please remember my word, “Can you really leave the government of Tokyo as it is?” The three candidates the mass media push insist as follows. One of them is the immigrant agreement woman who insists that we accept immigrants rapidly, another of them insists that we accept ten million immigrants, and the other of them insists that we give foreigners voting rights unconditionally. The candidates the mass media push insist only on such a thing. The mass media push you to elect among the three candidates. Please consider whether you can really leave the government of Tokyo as it is or not.

Today, I have spoken to everyone here in front of Omori Station. Thank you very much for hearing quietly until the end.