The European migrant crisis and the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan

Migrants crowded all into Hungary in September 2015, and the migrant crisis  began serious in Europe .

While public security was getting worse in the world and people were confused, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan declared on 24 May 2016 that it regarded the present world as “the time of Multicultural Coexistence” and  would accept foreign workers positively.

This declaration has not been withdrawn yet.

It will be the final political decision of the Liberal Democratic Party.

The Liberal Democratic Party will never turn to conservatism.

The reaction of people to the attacks by North Korea with ballistic missiles (30 Nov. 2017)

North Korea fired a ballistic missile  into the Sea  of Japan at 3:18 a.m. on 30 Nov. 2017. This was the seventh missile this year that fell within Japan’s  EEZ.

I had not heard once on that day that people talked about this incident. People who are close to me who like talking about politics said nothing about this.

People do not talk with each other, when they should do.

A person who says what is necessary when needed is an excellent one.

Japan should arm itself with nuclear weapons.

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Mikio Okamura’s speech in Nagasaki (9 Aug. 2017)

The prostitute statue in San Francisco

Osaka Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura said on 24 Nov. 2017 that Osaka would dissolve a sister-city relationship with San Francisco (The Asahi Shimbun) , but the prostitute statue will not be removed.

The agreements concluded between Japan and South Korea about the problem of comfort women (28 Dec. 2017)  were broken.

The government is still going to keep a friendly relationship with South Korea.


Prostitutes in the Japanese Military During the World War II: comfort women

Yoshiaki Yoshimi wrote a book, which was published by Iwanami Shoten on 20 Apr. 1995.

It was translated in English and can be bought in Amazon.

Its title is “Comfort Women”. Its subtitle is “Sexual Slavery in the Japanese Military During the World War II”.

“Sexual Slavery” is incorrect. “Prostitutes” is correct.

If you access my web site, you will understand.
Makoto Sakurai’s speech in the Tokyo gubernatorial election in front of the Sugamo Station Front Exit (29 July 2016)